Индустрия Безопасность
Занятость Полная

Описание объявления

Наш Клиент, крупная нефтегазовая компания. Требуются Специалисты по Технике Безопасности.

Локация-север Сахалина.

Требования к кандидатам:

  • Обязательно наличие диплома в сфере ТБ (техника безопасность, техносферная безопасность)
  • Хорошее знание английского языка (письменный и устный)
  • Опыт работы в заявленном качестве обязателен


  • Establish and maintain a safe work environment for all activities within the Non-Process Area;
  • Serve as primary HSE Responsible person in the Non-Process area by supporting with various HSE related activities, including:
    • Participate in Behavior-Based Job Observation program, inspections, safety meetings, hazard identifications (HIDs), near misses, and incident reporting and investigation, and others;
    • Identify unsafe work behaviors and initiate corrective action(s) as required
    • Support emergency response preparedness as required;
    • Know how to use the available equipment;
    • Participate in simulations as determined on schedule;
  • Support site-based Environmental group in the non-process area:
    • Support implementation of environmental initiatives including waste segregation, environmental resource management, waste/emission/discharges reduction and others
  • Support emergency response teams in the non-process area:
    • Be prepared to participate in conducting emergency response operations
    • Strictly comply with the techniques for conducting emergency rescue operations;
    • Strictly obey orders issued in the course of emergency responses by the facility Incident Commander;
  • Detect, identify, and react to abnormal conditions that could develop into emergency situationsIdentify and support the testing of new ideas or opportunities for improvement;
  • Anticipate the result of changes in Non-Process Area operation and develop appropriate mitigating plans and contingencies;
  • Carry out any other tasks as identified by the site management and within their level of knowledge and competency;
  • Participate in implementing at site Non-Process areas new legislative and regulatory procedures;
  • Contribute to ensuring compliance with the OIMS requirements;
  • Conduct site safety orientations or trainings as required for Non-Process Area personnel at site;
  • When qualified, act as a stand-in as required for other positions;
  • Support and encourage team effort between Logistics, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, and projects groups;
  • Follow all procedures, standards, and regulations required during the execution of his or her duties;
  • Provide assistance to regulatory personnel in fulfillment of regulatory and environmental requirements in all aspects of company activities in the Non Process Area;
  • Know and understand routine operations in the Non Process Area and their potential impact on the environment and people’s health, provide input to the identification and assessment of Environmental Aspects;
  • Support as required environmental monitoring and measuring programs performed by Monitoring Contractor such as air emission, ambient air quality control, water intake and discharge, physical factors monitoring, soils degradation control, geodeformation processes, vegetation and wildlife monitoring and other programs as required; personally conduct environmental sampling as/if required including waste, sewage/ underground/ portable/ surface/ discharged water, and others;
  • Act as a liaison with Client safety organizations on site
  • Support the site level waste management group as required:
    • know and understand waste management processes at site, familiar with relevant equipment and assets, including but not limited to incinerators, soil burner, waste storage yards, waste pits and ponds, waste injection wells, landfills;
    • support a

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