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Вакансия she technician (safety)

Индустрия Безопасность
Занятость Полная

Описание объявления

Our biggest Client, Oil and Gas company is looking for SHE Specialist with Safety work experience.

Overall SHE Responsibilities

  1. Establish and maintain a safe work environment for all activities within his or her assigned unit;
  2. Act as environmental stewards at site:
  • Lead/Support environmental initiatives including waste segregation, environmental resource management, waste/emission/discharges reduction and others
  1. Fulfill assigned role on emergency response teams:
  • Be prepared to participate in conducting emergency response operations and improve their physical, special (rescuer skills), medical and psychological preparedness;
  • Respond to emergencies (including firefighting, oil spill response, rescue and first aid) in support of professional attested emergency rescuers;
  • Improve operating skills within the emergency rescue unit;
  • Strictly comply with the techniques for conducting emergency rescue operations;
  • Assist professional rescuers in searching for injured victims and taking measures for their rescue, render first aid and other forms of assistance;
  • Strictly obey orders issued in the course of emergency responses by the facility Incident Commander;
  • Attend Non Professional RF Rescuer training classes, certification and individual attestation every 3 years.
  1. Detect, identify, and react to abnormal conditions that could develop into emergency situations;
  2. Assist other SHE Technicians in the coordination and execution of work activities on the facility;
  3. Identify and support the testing of new ideas or opportunities for improvement;
  4. Anticipate the result of changes in facility operation and develop appropriate mitigating plans and contingencies;
  5. Carry out any other tasks as identified by the SHE Field Superintendent and within their level of knowledge and competency;
  6. Participate in implementing at sites new legislative and regulatory procedures;
  7. Contribute to ensuring compliance with the OIMS requirements; promote respective elements of the system at production facilities;
  8. Participate in Operations Integrity Management System assessments.
  9. Conduct site safety orientations for personnel required at site;
  10. When qualified, act as a stand-in as required for other positions;
  11. Support and encourage team effort between Maintenance, engineering, and projects groups;
  12. Follow all procedures, standards, and regulations required during the execution of his or her duties;
  13. Undertake training as offered by the Company to expand his or her area of responsibility and competency;
  14. Attend all mandatory for employees Company training programs and seminars, including computer-based programs;
  15. Perform other duties as required and determined by Department in accordance with applicable rules and regulations;
  16. Perform assignments in a safe and diligent manner, follow labor safety rules, timely inform the supervisor about any incidents, injuries, near misses and potential hazards at his/her working place or at others’ working places if witnessed.

Safety Specific Duties (for Technicians assigned with Safety duties)

  1. Assist Production Operation in implementing processes and programs to address identified hazards and safety issues;
  2. Assist in developing, participating and implementing safety trainings;
  3. Maintain site safety manuals;
  4. Be responsible for fitness and intactness of life saving equipment at site when emergency preparedness and response analyst is not assigned to site;
  5. Interface with contractor work force;
  6. Perform safety equipment inspections and field audits;
  7. Participate in Job Safety Analysis (JSA) development;
  8. Conduct safety audits and inspections of on-going field activities, including permit-to-work and JSA in

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